Buy Facebook Video Views to Increase Organic Proximity


Face book is constantly upgrading and investing in its video service seeing its popularity and realizing its power to reach encompassing masses. Since a year researches proved that Facebook videos has achieved more views than YouTube and till date it is above YouTube and other video sharing sites in terms of viewership. Such a strong growth of video views on Facebook can be attributed to a few things. Let’s have a look on the parameters-

The Auto Play Feature:

The auto play feature has immensely increased Facebook video vies. A Facebook video plays automatically on the new feed driving more video vies and interaction. This effective Facebook metrics has greatly popularized the videos dropped on the site by various users, brands and labels by making a free promotion.

Facebook Mobile:

The video viewership has increased a lot and one of the reasons is the feasibility that the users can get to view the videos on smartphones. With Facebook going mobile, the video views have increased a lot making easier for the users.

Facebook Algorithms:

Facebook algorithms work in a cycle. It serves content that people get engaged to or interact with. The more videos people watch, the more videos the algorithms serve thus, increasing the video vies.

The growth of Facebook in near future is assured and one of the most possible reasons behind this analogy is its video content. The obvious justification to the above statement is that videos keep people hooked in Facebook that in turns drive advertisement revenue. With the embedded video player, Facebook has made the video viewing aspect more flexible by enabling users to embed Facebook-hosted videos anywhere in the web.

The following are few reasons that put light on the fact that why affiliated marketers should desperately use Facebook videos and buy Facebook video views from the reliable site Buy Social Like. The incorporation of Facebook video in marketing as well as promotional campaign is very effective. The result is assured if video marketing strategy is powered with the Facebook video views packages from Buy Social Like.

Underperformance of the Third-Party Video Link Posts:

Facebook still allows affiliated marketers to post a link to videos on YouTube, Vimeo or any organization’s website. But there is indeed no use as the static thumbnail appears, unlike the Facebook auto play video. In some instances, Facebook even don’t show the visual thumbnail.

Native Facebook Video is Rewarded:

The Facebook algorithm to reward its native video is another benefit. Recently Facebook blog has come with the update that Facebook videos get much promotion than photos .Every count in Facebook video views matter to promote it.

Native Video Increases Organic Proximity:

Native videos uploaded directly by Facebook users helps immensely in terms of promotion. It is a more natural way to share videos with other users and friends and also the auto play features makes the whole process much easier and engaging.

Therefore with the above facets one can get a crystal clear view about the importance of sharing, uploading a Facebook video especially a native video.